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Global Solutions for Local Companies



We offer innovative solutions on a global scale to our customers in our company, which we have established based in London with our team of more than 30 years of experience abroad.




Wocopa Trade and Bidbod 24 are online shopping applications. Wocopa Trade is a shopping application where only elite customers can become members. This application offers its members special discounts and opportunities. Bidbod 24 is a shopping application where you can make sales in 24-hour intervals. This application also has the option of auction and wholesale sales. It is also an international shopping application. Both of them offer secure and convenient shopping options.


Mansur A.

"The consulting services provided by Wocopa have been extremely beneficial for our business in terms of expanding and reaching global markets. Our consultants are professional and provide extremely useful information, guiding us through every step of the way. Additionally, thanks to their recommendations, we are able to run our business more efficiently and effectively."

Ali Y.

"The international trade services offered by Wocopa have made our transactions much more manageable. In particular, thanks to their regular updates and always being available, we have been able to speed up our transactions and carry them out securely. Additionally, the Wocopa team works with us to resolve any issues we may encounter."

Selim A.

"The Wocopa Network service has made communicating with other companies that we work with much more convenient. Furthermore, through this service, we have been able to acquire new customers and business partners. This service has provided us with potential opportunities to expand and grow our business even further. The Wocopa Network service has truly been a valuable service for us."