How is the working system of Wocopa?

The working system of Wocopa is divided into two. The first part includes people who have received an International Investment and Trade Consultant certificate from Wocopa Academy or have at least an MBA (Master of Business Administration) diploma in these fields, and those who are registered in the system as Wocopa representatives. The second part is those who registered as experts, solution partners or networkers to the Wocopa system.

Wocopa provides legal support to the parties in case of any dispute. The www.avukatlazim.com website serves as the solution partner of Wocopa.

Can I get IT support for the company I founded?

If requested, all kinds of information support for your company is provided by “Digital Helpers” operating within Wocopa. In addition, IT/Social Media and PR services, which are a part of the informatics world, are also provided by “Digital Helpers”

How can I find companies or entrepreneurs with whom I can make strategic partnerships in the foreign market?

One of the services that Wocopa is active in is creating a strategic partnership structure between companies through its business network of over 100 countries. You have a say in the market thanks to the strategic partnership created in the target country. Thus, our customers do not worry about how they can market which product in which country.

I can have a company abroad, as well as a residence permit or citizenship of that country. Is this possible?

If you want to live in a country after starting a company or moving your company to that country, obtaining a residence permit and then a second passport, Wocopa is the right address for you. Usually, in order to obtain a residence permit in a country, you have to make a certain investment by buying a property or establishing a company in that country. Thanks to Wocopa, you can get expert support on various issues such as issuing a passport and obtaining a residence permit, as well as learning the conditions for establishing a company abroad.

I would like to have experienced people who have a good command of the financial system of that country in the board of directors of the company I have just opened abroad. Does Wocopa have an experienced staff in this regard?

Wocopa has a team of advisors that are self-trained and composed of international investment and trade experts who have certificates valid all over the world. Our consultants can support your company in the board of directors by Wocopa, if requested according to the characteristics of your company you have opened abroad.

Can I get support from Wocopa for the accounting and tax procedures of my company abroad?

For those who want to do business abroad when requested, tax analysis and accounting transactions in the country of business can be done by the expert staff of Wocopa. Thus; with the prevention of wrong, incomplete or double taxation, the correct accounting transactions of the works are carried out.

How much does it cost to establish a company abroad?

Contrary to popular belief, many businesses and entrepreneurs who want to carry out their commercial activities abroad and expand abroad pay a very small amount abroad in terms of company prices. However, these prices differ for each country. If you contact Wocopa and specify the country you want to open or move your company to, you can learn the cost that will arise.

Is it necessary to reside in the relevant country in order to establish a company abroad or to move my company to any country?

Although this situation varies from country to country, there is no residence requirement for the company you will open or move to in many countries around the world, including countries in Europe. During the establishment and relocation of your company, Wocopa performs all bureaucratic procedures on your behalf before you come to the relevant country.

What is absolutely not in the job description of the representative?

The representative cannot make a statement on behalf of Wocopa, share anything other than a written protocol, and receive payment in person, except for the matters specified in the job description. (buraya temsilci kimdir linki) Without the express or implied consent of Wocopa, he/she cannot directly or indirectly do any work performed by the business on his/her own or a third party’s behalf, nor can he/she have such transactions made by third parties on his/her own account.

Is there a recording of live lectures at Wocopa Academy, can the videos be watched again?

One of the issues that we care about the most at Wocopa Academy is that each participant receives qualified training. For this reason, our lessons are not in the form of ready-made video packages, but live lessons. Our lessons will be live because we care about the situations that will make learning most effective, such as our teacher’s sharing of experience, current examples and the students’ asking questions during the lesson.

Who can participate in the Wocopa Academy training programs?

Anyone who wants to become an International Investment and Trade Consultant can attend Wocopa training. Lessons are not formal, but are conducted via distance education.

Could you give information about the training packages?

At Wocopa Academy, our trainings are given with live lessons by experts in the field at certain times. Participants who successfully complete the courses are entitled to receive the internationally approved certificate of Wocopa and gain the title of International Investment and Trade Advisor.

What do I need to do to get a certificate?

You must successfully complete the Wocopa Academy training given at certain periods.