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A person who has received an International Investment and Trade Consultant certificate by receiving training from the Wocopa Academy or has at least an MBA (Master of Business Administration) diploma in these fields and has been authorized for the region/country where he/she is located by making a contract with Wocopa. The representative registers in the Wocopa system with his/her documents and certificates by signing a contract.

Duties of the Representative:

  • The representative acts at the request of Wocopa in the region where he/she is authorized.
  • Provides consultancy to customers.
  • Represents Wocopa nationwide or citywide.
  • Visits new customers on behalf of Wocopa, registers them in the system.
  • Makes monthly reports of activities by visiting customers in line with the planned schedule.
  • Contributes to R&D studies.
  • Directly contributes to the development of Wocopa’s network by analysing the customers in its region.
  • Performs market analysis in the region and collects know-how from the market.
  • Detects the availability of supply and demand.
  • Provides analysis of the target audience to identify real customers.
  • Analyses data in order to determine profitability in the market.
  • Identifies the basic needs of the target market.
  • Helps finding bids and selling products.
  • The general manager acts as the general coordinator of all representatives in his/her country.
  • A country can have an unlimited number of representatives, but only one general manager.
  • The coordinator acts as the general coordinator of all representatives in the province.
  • There can be an unlimited number of representatives in a province, but only one coordinator.
  • They are in contact with the experts, solution partners and networkers in the general manager and coordinator regions.

Things that are outside of Representative’s job description:

  • The representative cannot make a statement on behalf of Wocopa, except for the matters specified in the job description.
  • The representative cannot share other than written protocol.
  • The representative cannot receive cash payments.
  • The Representative cannot directly or indirectly carry out any work performed by the business on behalf of himself/herself or a third party, or have such transactions made by third parties on his/her own account, without the express or implied consent of Wocopa.

To become an authorized representative of Wocopa, you can apply at form down bellow.