International Trade & Marketing Consultancy​

The difference of companies that beat you in competition is that they are more skilled than you in international trade and marketing. For this, “Are your current marketing staff sufficient? Does your brand-positioning match with your target audience? Does your product meet expectations? Is your packaging attractive? Are you selling at the right price? Are your distribution channels set up correctly and adequately? Are you in the right sales points? Is your promotion effective?” You can find the answers to these and hundreds of similar questions together with Wocopa. 

Wocopa analyses your company’s marketing department and activities with its professional and effective marketing consultants, and creates reporting systems where you can continuously measure your marketing performance in international trade. Thus, it allows you to measure the return of your marketing investments. In addition, consultants set short, medium and long-term goals and create your marketing plan by analysing target customers.

If you want to have a good market plan for your company and brand, you can contact the expert team of Wocopa.